Leaving the Allah Delusion Behind

Atheism and Freethought in Islam


»This beautifully written book is a tour-de-force of astonishing scholarship.« (Richard Dawkins) »Ibn Warraq exemplifies the rarely combined qualities of courage, integrity, and intelligence.« (Bernard Lewis) »Warraq’s work has been responsible for a paradigm shift, revivifying the light of reason as it bears upon the dominant notions about the meaning of the Qur'an in our times.« (Judith Mendelsohn Rood) Leaving the Allah Delusion Behind begins with a pioneer­ing study of freethought and atheism in both Classical and Mod...

Sultan und Volk - Oman auf dem Weg zur Demokratie?

Sultan and People - Oman on the Way to Democracy?


Essay, zweisprachig (Haupttext in deutsch und englisch), mit einem Anhang zu Regierungsformen der arabischen Golfstaaten (nur in deutsch), einem umfassenden Literaturverzeichnis und einem Bildteil mit Fotografien in schwarzweiß. Der Westen fordert spätestens seit »Nine-Eleven« insbesondere in den Ländern Vorderasiens Demokratie als Grundlage für Entwicklung und Frieden. Die USA schreckten nicht einmal davor zurück, für die Umsetzung dieser Forderung militärisch aktiv zu werden. Die Folgen sind ernüchternd und furchterregend...

Muscat - Then and Now

Geographical Sketch of a Unique Arab Town


Hardcover halbleinen mit Schutzumschlag im Schuber + Extraschuber mit Beilagen 86 grafische Abbildungen, teils farbig, davon 13 in Übergröße zum Ausklappen; 5 Tabellen, 95 Fotos, davon 86 farbig. Beilagen in Extra-Schuber: 8 Luftbilder s/w mit Begleittext (39,6 x 20 cm) 6 große geographische Karten, teils farbig (64 x 46 cm) Limitierte Auflage The town of Muscat on the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula has a long and chequered history. Omani tradition as well as external influences have given it a particula...

The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran

A Contribution to the Decoding of the Koran


This book approaches the Koran with the tools of modern scientific philology, and outlines a method to shed light onto koranic passages that are among those counted as »dark« or »mysterious«. Revised and expanded translation of the wave-making German original. »The most fascinating book ever written on the language of the Koran, and if proved to be correct in its main thesis, probably the most important book ever written on the Koran.« (The Guardian)...

The Spectrum of Islamist Movements


The Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (Cairo) introduces this study series of Islamist movements with a novel and felicitous taxonomy of the Islamist spectrum. Several well-known groups, influential works and thinkers are scrutinized in detail and - a rare exception not only for an English-language work - have their practice and worldview cautiously juxtaposed with mainstream orthodox Islamic positions. This book does not only provide data about its subjects, which would make it one of many: more crucially,...

Arabic in Chains

Structural Problems and Artificial Barriers


What distinguishes Marzari‘s work is his ability to explain complicated matters in clear and even entertaining language. Linguists often cut a poor figure here, given their propensity to gallop non-stop through the brushwood of grammar. Not so Marzari. He illustrates the potentials and limits of a language that over 300 million Muslims in the Middle East call their mother tongue, aside from the many others elsewhere in Africa as well as in Asia, who recite Arabic as the language of the Qur'an. Wolfgang G. Schwanitz /Der Tage...

Who Cares About Somalia

Hassan's Ordeal - Reflections on a Nation's Future


This book is about a Somali civil war and the fall of the Siad Barre regime. It is about how people living there at the time did really suffer from it as a result. Although it principally relates to a family,the book tells an applicable story of flight, provisional shelter and finally exile. It is also about the political history of Somalia and about Somali ethnicity in general, and the book discusses the future of the Nation and how international and regional powers are involved in playing their sometimes influential roles ...

Unterwegs am Golf Along the Gulf

Von Basra bis Maskat


Burchardt liebte sein Leben als Kaufmann nicht. Nach dem Tod seines Vaters benutzte er sein kleines Erbe, um Privatier zu sein. Doch zog es ihn hinaus in die Welt. Auf seine Abenteuer bereitete er sich vor, indem er die Sprachen der Bewohner an Afrikas Küsten, Suaheli, und in Arabiens Wüsten erlernte. So ging er in den Orient. Bald, 1903, reiste er den Persischen Golf entlang, in hundert Tagen von Basra nach Maskat. Diese Reise erhellen seine Fotos. Ein Buch nicht nur für Weltenbummler, das zu Vergleichen von damals und heut...

Civil Society in the Middle East


The internal Arab, Iranian and Israeli debates on civil society in the 1980s and 1990s have only partly found their way into Western studies on the issue. An analysis of the discursive structures of the local debates, which represents the major objective of the current edited volume, may help shifting the nexus of the academic discussion to Middle Eastern perceptions and actors. Amr Hamzawy analyses the Arab sociological and political discussion on civil society, depending on the intellectual literature of the last ten years...

Handbook of Arabic Dictionaries


This book is a brief guide to Arabic dictionaries. It aims on assisting learners of Arabic to cope with the difficulties that encounter with the various dictionary movements over centuries. The dictionary movement mainly developed over three centuries between the end of the II. Century of the Hegira and the end of the IV. Century, in accordance with their respective leaders and their works: Madrasah al-Taklîbât, a school established by al-Khalîl...

Somalia's Development


What are Somalia's Development Perspectives? Science between Resignation and Hope? Proceedings of the 6th SSIA-Congress: With contributions by Franz Ansprenger, Mohamed Haji Mukhtar, Faduma Awow Mohamed, Ulrich Scholz, Jörg Janzen a.o....