Hassan Ali Jama

Hassan Ali Jama Who Cares About Somalia

Who Cares About Somalia

Hassan's Ordeal - Reflections on a Nation's Future

Verlag Hans Schiler
Sprache: Englisch
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Broschur, 144 Seiten
ISBN 9783899300758
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This book is about a Somali civil war and the fall of the Siad Barre regime. It is about how people living there at the time did really suffer from it as a result. Although it prin­ci­pally relates to a family,the book tells an applicable story of flight, provi­sional shelter and finally exile. It is also about the political history of Somalia and about Somali ethni­city in general, and the book discusses the future of the Nation and how inter­na­tional and regional powers are involved in playing their sometimes influ­en­tial roles in its intri­cate and comp­li­cated political path. For Somalis, inter­na­tional obser­vers, histo­rians and scho­lars alike one hopes these few lines shall offer some ideas to ponder and some more food for thought.