Amr Hamzawy (ed.)

Amr Hamzawy (ed.) Civil Society in the Middle East

Civil Society in the Middle East

Freie Universität Berlin. Arbeitsstelle Politik des Vorderen Orients. Friedemann Büttner

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The internal Arab, Iranian and Israeli debates on civil society in the 1980s and 1990s have only partly found their way into Western studies on the issue. An analysis of the discur­sive struc­tures of the local debates, which repres­ents the major objec­tive of the current edited volume, may help shif­ting the nexus of the academic discus­sion to Middle Eastern percep­tions and actors. Amr Hamzawy analyses the Arab socio­lo­gical and political discus­sion on civil society, depen­ding on the intel­lec­tual lite­ra­ture of the last ten years. Asghar Schi­razi distin­gu­ishes in his contri­bu­tion between three central intel­lec­tual curr­ents in Iran: Isla­mist, leftist, and liberal, each of which can be further subdi­vided. The article of Ange­lika Timm explores the histo­rical deve­lop­ment of the Israeli civil society and addresses some important spheres of civil acti­vi­ties.