Abit Yasar Koçak

Abit Yasar Koçak Handbook of Arabic Dictionaries

Handbook of Arabic Dictionaries

Verlag Hans Schiler
Sprache: Englisch
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ISBN 9783899300215
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This book is a brief guide to Arabic dictio­na­ries. It aims on assis­ting lear­ners of Arabic to cope with the diffi­cul­ties that enco­unter with the various dictionary move­ments over centu­ries. The dictionary move­ment mainly deve­loped over three centu­ries between the end of the II. Century of the Hegira and the end of the IV. Century, in accor­dance with their respec­tive leaders and their works: Madrasah al-Taklîbât, a school estab­lished by al-Khalîl