A paraître

ISBN 978-3-89930-256-1

Leaving the Allah Delusion Behind

Atheism and Freethought in Islam


»This beau­ti­fully written book is a tour-de-force of asto­nis­hing scho­larship.« (Richard Dawkins) »Ibn Warraq exem­p­li­fies the rarely combined quali­ties of courage, inte­grity, and intel­li­gence.« (Bernard Lewis) »Warraq’s work has been respon­sible for a para­digm shift, revi­vi­fying the light of reason as it bears upon the domi­nant notions about the meaning of the Qur'an in our times.« (Judith Mendel­sohn Rood) Leaving the Allah Delu­sion Behind begins with a pionee­r­ing study of free­t­hought and atheism in both Clas­sical and Mod...